Special Diet Information:
GFO = Gluten Free Option available, L = Contains Lactose, N = Contains Nuts

hot entrees

prosciutto wrapped prawnsGFO
tied again with crispy potato noodles, with avocado, orange & tomato dressed in balsamic vinaigrette

sizzling garlic prawnsGFO
served in a cast iron hot pot, with bread
21.9 / 39.9

crisp fried tiger prawn cutletsL
japanese bread crumbs, rocket & parmesan
19.9 / 34.9

homemade seafood chowderL
cream based new england style, with bread
17.9 / 29.9

homemade fishcakesN
satay, fresh herbs, rocket salad, lime aioli, guacamole and sweet chilli sauce
18.9 / 34.9

salt & pepper squid
tossed in cayenne pepper and coriander, with aioli and rocket salad
18.9 / 34.9