Manly Fish Café has been serving the freshest seafood in Manly since 1994. We love our fish and stick with the local stuff – reeled in daily direct from the Sydney Fish Market and predominantly wild caught from the waters of Australia and New Zealand.

We offer a selection of up to 16 varieties of fish at any given time so you can pick what suits your palate best. An assortment of crustaceans including fresh NSW Rock Lobster, New Zealand Scampi, Moreton Bay Bugs and Queensland King Prawns are also available.

The Sydney Rock Oyster is our choice over its rival, the Pacific Oyster, as Sydney Rocks take 3 years to reach maturity, versus 8 to 12 months for the Pacific – this offers a delicate, distinct taste. Our Sydney Rocks are sourced from varying localities in accordance with the best harvests in order to bring you the most delicious and highest quality oyster.

Our philosophy is that quality produce are the fundamentals of a scrumptious seafood meal – the finishing touches being a perfect compliment of flavours and preparation with panache.