Spring Seafood Special Menu

The seasons change, and so do our specials! We designed our Spring Special menu to be a colourful, three course seafood experience, and also for great value – $39 per person. Available Monday to Friday. Call 02 9977 3030 to book now.


garlic or herb bread



lobster bisque
tomato based, garnished with half slipper lobster

salt & pepper squid
tossed in cayenne pepper and coriander, with aioli

crisp fried prawn cutlets
your choice of battered or crumbed



char-grilled swordfish
a mild and succulunt steak fish caught in NSW waters, with thick-cut chips and mix-leaf salad

beer battered whiting
fthin, mild tail fillets caught in WA make for a crispy and savoury take on fish & chips, with salad

fettucine marinara
fresh fettucine and mixed seafood tossed in homemade napoletana sauce

First, fresh sourdough is covered with a garlic butter spread and toasted to a nice, melted crisp. Then you have a choice of three entrees to start with, the first of which being one that our customers have developed a certain affinity to – tomato based lobster bisque. I like mine with lots of pepper. It’s garnished with a half of slipper lobster.

Don’t like soup? Don’t fret. How’s some crisp-fried savoury prawn cutlets sound? You can get them battered, with a side of sweet soy sauce to dip into… Or classic crumbed. With our homemade tartare sauce, you can’t go wrong here. The last entree choice is salt and pepper squid. We love it a little spicy so we twist this dish by tossing the squid with cayenne pepper and coriander, too. Make sure you squeeze lots of lemon onto this and submerge it into the side of aioli (I always ask for two) that comes with it before letting it hit your taste buds.

Salt & pepper squid

Salt & pepper squid

Onto the mains. Swordfish fillets: tender, succulent and medium moist. Unlike snapper or most other white fish, swordfish fillets are steak like in size and shape, but still retain the softness of mild fish that will melt in your mouth. By the way, the fillets are char-grilled.

Char-Grilled Swordfish

Char-Grilled Swordfish

The other choices for mains are beer battered whiting and fettucine marinara. Along with flathead, whiting tails are a classic and great choice for fish & chips. Crispy and savoury. As for the pasta, it’s homemade, fresh and so is the napoletana sauce which the seafood is tossed in.

Please join us and enjoy this seafood experience we have to offer at great value.

Call 02 9977 3030 to book.